Tips & Facts

More details on FITAKI

Useful advice on storing FITAKI If you do not use all the cheese after opening the packaging, follow our advice on how to store it.
Preparing the product for use The convenient packaging specifically developed for each type of product makes FITAKI cheeses convenient to use and store.
The nutritional value of FITAKI The cheeses are distinguished by their high content of protein, butterfat and minerals. The proteins found in FITAKI cheese are more easily digested than milk protein.

Interesting facts about Mediterranean culture

Culture and tradition Mediterranean hospitality and joy of life are celebrated around the world.
The Mediterranean nature Vine growing and wine production are very developed in the Mediterranean region. The climatic and agronomic conditions here are conducive to growing the best varieties of grapes, from which excellent wines are made – including the well-known wines of Tuscany and the Languedoc region.
Ingredients Mediterranean cuisine only uses the most nutritional produce.
Serving suggestions In the Mediterranean, dishes are always served in a variety of different ways, but only the freshest produce is used.