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Garlic — medicine for fighting almost any diseases.

Throughout history, garlic has been regarded as a source of manliness, endurance and resilience. It protects against the common cold, strengthens the circulatory system, contains substances that help fight cancer, is beneficial for digestion and has many more healing qualities.

Tomatoes – a source of happiness.

Tomatoes are rich in dietary fibre and vitamins; they also contain serotonin, a substance with antidepressant properties that is called the "hormone of happiness".

Olive oil softens the skin.

Since ancient times, olive oil has been used not only for the preparation of various meals, but also for cosmetic purposes. For example, the ancient Greek physician Galen claimed that creams with olive oil added to them soften the skin and make it more elastic.

The basil is the herb of kings.

The term "basil" comes from the Greek word for "royal". The ancient Greeks believed that only the king himself has the right to pick basil using a golden sickle.

Physicians recommend broccoli.

The medics at John Hopkins University have established that broccoli contains a special organic compound – sulforaphane.

It can kill bacteria that cause certain types of gastric ulcers and it also prevents the development of stomach cancer.