TV spot

FITAKI — the recipe of Mediterranean happiness.
FITAKI Snack & Salad
FITAKI Making of — full version.
FITAKI Making of
Without good food there is no good party.
The whole stage at a glance.
Voilà - cinematographic illusion!
So, let’s compare — do the results meet the expectations?
Even the Greek Gods valued a good party. We are only keeping up their traditions.
Even such beauty needs a bit of a touch-up ...
After a difficult day of shooting the best way to relax is to spend the evening in a circle of colleagues.
An important moment - everything begins to take shape.
“Everyone look at the camera”.
“Say cheese!”
The roles are assigned ... Down to work.
And who says that men and aprons are an ill-matched concept?
A few finishing touches and ... now we can start!
Phew ... It’s good to have a colleague whose shoulder you can lean on.
Take it easy. The Mediterranean way of life is a synonym for relaxed routine.
Work on the clip starts back in the office.