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Dinner — a perfect occasion for interesting discussions.

Mediterranean dinner implies a certain deliberateness of those assembled at the table in addition to the abundance of dishes and treats. Spending five hours at the dinner table in the company of relatives and friends is something completely normal.

Mediterranean hospitality. A dinner without a company was considered a disappointment

The ancient Greeks did not like to have their meals alone, and a dinner without the company of those dear to you was considered disappointing. The music, dancing and the warm-hearted conversation were a traditional addition to the meals.

Mediterranean diet —
the secret of Mediterranean health.

The nutritional tradition of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean world, called the Mediterranean diet, is considered one of the healthiest in the world. To a large extent, it is based on the availability of highly nutritious fruit and vegetables found in the region that are known to be rich in beneficial substances.

The olive festival

In the Spanish town of Baena, a festival of olives and olive oil, which is devoted to the olive harvest, is celebrated every year in autumn.

On this day, there are many concerts, exhibitions, fairs and culinary contests. Baena has a museum dedicated to the subject of olives.

Preparing meals together

If you have decided to prepare a meal as a group, then – according to an ancient Italian tradition – you have to divide the culinary roles as follows: the thrifty one does the seasoning with vinegar, the wise cook adds salt, the profligate cook pours the oil and the artistic cook mixes everything and adds the finishing touches to the meal.

Mediterranean fiesta

The fiestas, which nowadays are associated with the Latin American countries for the most part, were taking place during the times of the Roman Empire. As a rule, they started in the evening and continued all night, and the inhabitants of all neighbouring homes would also be included in the folk parties and entertainment.