FITAKI Snack & Salad
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FITAKI Snack&Salad

A cheese product in a practical
stay-fresh box, 350 g

Fine taste thanks to the added sea salt

Practical packaging suitable for resealing

Thanks to great slicing and dicing FITAKI Snack & Salad is ideal for the preparation of Mediterranean-style snacks and salads.


FITAKI Snack & Salad is produced by further processing high-quality brine cheese. It is shredded, mixed with natural milk and then slightly warmed. This gives it its smooth texture and preserves the valuable properties of traditional brine cheese.

Thanks to the addition of sea salt, FITAKI Snack & Salad acquires its typical and pleasantly salty taste.

Valuable ingredients

It is difficult to imagine a life without salt. Humans started using salt ten thousand years ago by obtaining it from seawater.

Today sea salt is still obtained using this ancient method. In the salines, or ‘small ponds’, the salt crystallizes from the seawater after being exposed to the intense effects of the sun and afterwards the salt is dried and finally ground.

Now the Mediterranean Sea is one of the main regions for the production of sea salt.

Preparing the product for use


Thanks to the resealable packaging, FITAKI Snack & Salad does not need to be stored in a special container.

Store the cheese between
2°C and 8°С