FITAKI Original / Active
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Creamy brine cheese in two varieties 500g, 200 g:

Оriginal — cheese with a pleasant, slightly salty flavour

Active — ideal for low cholesterol and healthy diets.

Ideal for the preparation of salads, sandwiches and grilled dishes.


FITAKI Original and FITAKI Active are made from cows’ milk and produced by using a special ultrafiltration technology. After its production, FITAKI is aged for at least 21 days in the hermetic atmosphere of a Tetra Pak packaging.

Valuable ingredients

The Tetra Pak packaging guarantees the high quality of the FITAKI products. It guarantees not only the long shelf life and freshness of the FITAKI cheese, but also completely protects it from light – thanks to this, our product retains its valuable nutrients and natural taste.

Preparing the product for use


If after opening the package you have not used the entire amount of the cheese, then follow our simple tips for storage:

Always store FITAKI Original/FITAKI Active in the fridge. It is important to protect the cheese from drying out and to protect it from taking on the odours of other products. Therefore, FITAKI Original/FITAKI Active must be well packaged.

Store the cheese between
2°C and 8°С